Occupational Safety Card Course (TTK) 13.4.2023

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Koulutus alkaa: 13.4.2023 klo 08:00 ja päättyy 13.4.2023 klo 16:00

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Obtaining an Occupational Safety Card requires successfully completing the Occupational Safety Card training. The card is valid for five years. Implementing the Occupational Safety Card is voluntary, but many purchasing companies require the card from their subcontractors’ employees.  

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The Occupational Safety Card was developed to improve the occupational health and safety of shared workplaces.
The intended goals of the Occupational Safety Card policy are:

  • to improve practical cooperation between purchasing and supplying companies in shared workplaces
  • to support job introduction in shared workplaces
  • to provide basic information related to occupational health and safety
  • to reduce overlap in training provided by different purchasers
  • to increase interest and motivation regarding the occupational safety skills of the company’s own personnel
  • to reduce workplace accidents and hazardous situations

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This Occupational Safety Card (”Työturvallisuuskortti” in finnish) course in English is for everyone. A personal Occupational Safety Card (valid for 5 years) is granted to persons who successfully complete the 1-day course.


Roland Snellman


Port Tower, 7. floor rooms Utö/Tankar/Ritgrund, Satamatie 330 KOKKOLA

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142€ / participant + alv 24%


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The course is conducted in cooperation with KIP Service Oy, Optimaplus Oy, Centria and the talent boost program. Centria students, please select when enrolling the Centria student option. If you have questions about the course content in general, please contact Jonas Sandlin KIP Service Oy 0105059543


Registration is binding, which means that once you have registered, you are required to pay the full course fee.  If you change your mind or cannot attend a course, you must cancel your registration 1 working day before the course begins AT THE LATEST, otherwise a fee of 75 euros will be charged.
If you cancel your participation after the course has begun, or if you do not cancel at all, the whole course fee will be invoiced. This also applies to those who simply don’t show up. More information and contact if you need to cancel:  Jonas Sandlin 0105059543 koulutus@kipservice.fi

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