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Koulutus alkaa: 13.1.2021 klo 12:00 ja päättyy 3.2.2021 klo 15:00

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The whole course is divided into 3 independent, 3 hours modules.

Module 1: Exploring the world of Luxury Lecturer: Jonas Holmqvist, Professor of Luxury Marketing,  Kedge Business School 
  • Definition of the basis of luxury, core values and its codes.
  • The democratisation of Luxury, what it actually means.
  • Two case studies of luxury brands - Armani and Dolce Gabbana
Module 2: Luxury in the digital age! Lecturers: Mariame Wade, Dior Parfums, London and Béryl Bouvier, Christian Dior Couture, Paris
  • What does digitalisation mean in this industry?
  • How Luxury is using social media and its relationship to them.
  • The impact of COVID19 on the Luxury industry 
Module 3: Psychological aspects of Luxury - why do we use  Luxury products?  Lecturer: Jonas Holmqvist, Professor of luxury marketing, Kedge Business School 
  • The role of prestige in Luxury and sales of these products.
  • How Luxury and attraction are connected.
  • The Luxury servicescape: How the experience of the customers is build and how they are taken into account in the selling process.  

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KIP Academy is offering you a innovative course about marketing in the industry of luxury. We offer you a 3 times, 3 hours sessions with experts from the Luxury industry in France, that willl bring you the basis of Luxury marketing and the opportunity to confront it with yourself and your own industry. 

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This course is conducted in English and is for everyone. 


Jonas Holmqvist Kedge Business School, Mariame Wade & Béryl Bouvier Christian Dior


Online Zoom- link

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200€+Alv/Moms/Vat 24%


14 vrk koulutuksesta laskun mukaan


If you have questions about the course content in general, please contact Jonas Sandlin 0105059543 or Matthieu Guinard 0105059501 KIP Service Oy   


Registration is binding, which means that once you have registered, you are required to pay the full course fee.  If you change your mind or cannot attend a course, you must cancel your registration 4 working days before the course begins AT THE LATEST, otherwise a fee of 50 euros will be charged.
If you cancel your participation after the course has begun, or if you do not cancel at all, the whole course fee will be invoiced. This also applies to those who simply don’t show up. More information and contact if you need to cancel:  Jonas Sandlin 0105059543

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